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POSTman Web Services is an online address validation and barcoding service based on the Australia Post AMAS approved POSTman software. It is generally used for integration with your websites or software products and will require the involvement of your developers.


POSTman Web Services will:

  • Save you money on every letter you mail *
  • Stop bad data being entered into your websites and database programs.
  • Slash the returned mail rates in your mailouts

* You must meet Australia Post’s barcoded mail lodgement requirements including a minimum lodgement of 300 barcoded mail pieces.

Signing up is completely free and you only pay a few cents for each record processed. Sign up right now and we’ll even give you 1000 free credits so you can try it out for yourself. Just email and request a trial account.


Do you NEED to get customer details right?


The web is great for generating new leads and customers, but it is also notorious for producing the worst quality data of any channel! Whether customers are intentionally entering bogus details, or making honest mistakes, POSTman Web Services checks their details BEFORE they get into your database. And POSTman Web Services’ "Did you mean" list of nearest matching addresses has been proven to not only help customers get their details right, but encourages them to enter their REAL address.

Are you a software or website developer?


Want to add POSTman Web Services' benefits to your software or website offerings? You can! There are no software costs, no licensing fees and no deployment issues. Just build the POSTman Web Services Web Service right into your software and you’re away.

Posimente maintains the POSTman Web Service on our servers and you make SOAP calls to it across the Internet from your website or software code.


We’re so convinced you’ll love and use POSTman Web Services we’ll even throw in 1000 free usage credits to get you started and let you try it out. After that you only pay a few cents per record. You can’t lose!


Can’t believe it, or do you just want more information? Please email us at and we’ll answer any questions you still have.