Frequently Asked Questions


How are my credits used?

Each time you validate and/or barcode an address one POSTman Web Service credit it used, even if that address could not be validated. Each time the "near matches" facility is used, two additional credits are used.

If you use the POSTman Web Service service directly either in your website or if you use any other application that utilises POSTman Web Service one credit will be used each time an address is validated and/or barcoded. If a near matches facility is available, two additional credits will be used each time it is used. Back to top


Do my credits expire?

No, all credits that you purchase have an indefinite life, that means you can purchase a quantity of credits at a lower price and use them over a long period of time. The exception to this is any free credits that may be provided when you first sign up, if you do not purchase any credits within the first six (6) months of signing up then DMS may expire these credits at their option. If you make a purchase within that period however DMS will allow you to retain those five hundred (500) credits. If you make a purchase before the free credits expire any remaining free credits will be retained on your account along with any newly purchased ones. Back to top


Can I do a postal pre-sort with POSTman Web Service?

At the moment none of the POSTman Web Service components include postal pre-sort production capabilities. This feature is available in other products from DMS. Please contact us for details.Back to top


How much do I save by postal barcoding?

Discount rates vary depending upon the size and type of pieces being mailed and the quantity. Back to top


How do I purchase more credits?

To purchase more credits email how many you need to Your credits will be applied and an invoice sent to you. Back to top


How do I get started?

Register a new account with POSTman Web Service. You will receive an email with login details and code samples. Once you have used up any free credits you purchase additional credits as needed. Back to top


What if I run an operating system other than Microsoft Windows, can I use POSTman Web Service?

POSTman Web Service can be accessed from any internet enabled platform including Apple Mac, UNIX, Linux, Mainframes and even smart phones. Back to top


How many PCs can I link my POSTman Web Service account to?

The POSTman Web Service is completely free; you only pay for the credits used on your account. Each PC can be linked to your account by entering the appropriate account credentials when configuring the machine. This means that even if you have a thousand work stations with a range of occasional to heavy users of the POSTman Web Service service they can all share the same account. Back to top


I am an application developer and would love to add address validation and barcoding to my software for all my clients to use, can I do this?

Yes, simply add the appropriate integration to your application to implement the address validation and barcoding features of the POSTman Web Service. When a client purchases your application, they simply sign up for a POSTman Web Service account of their own. They do not need to purchase any additional software they need only pay for the credits that they use on the POSTman Web Service. Back to top


I need to block someone from using my POSTman Web Service account, how do I do this?

Log on to the POSTman Web Service member section and change your password. You must then get all users of your account to update the password in their account on their machine for them to continue using your POSTman Web Service account. Anyone who you do not provide the new password to will be effectively locked out of your account. Back to top


Can I use multiple POSTman Web Service accounts on one machine?

Not automatically, the only way to use multiple POSTman Web Service accounts on the one machine is to change the POSTman Web Service credentials before each job to ensure they are running against the right account. Back to top


Can I get code samples and a trial account?

Absolutely, just contact Support and we'll email you the details.Back to top